Is it possible to date foreign woman in Japan?

Hi there. Have you been to date Japanese? Yes, many foreign men date Japanese woman. But contrast, Japanese man and foreign woman pair is little. Why Japanese man do not date foreign woman?

Is it possible to date foreign woman in Japan?

I'm Japanese and I have been to date foreign woman in Japan. It is before 20 years. She is exchange student and she came in my school. This experience indicates Japanese man possible to dating foreign woman.

But in real, many Japanese man have not been to date foreign woman. Although Japanese woman date for man. What difference? It seems to opportunity and confidence.

Less opportunity to meet

My daily life, foreign woman is not seen. Where they are? Sometimes they are seen by English school. But it is foreign man too. Therefor opportunity of meet is even.

I think Japanese side mental is problem. It means how many Japanese go to English school. My thinking, Japanese woman more passion than Japanese man. Japanese woman can speak English than Japanese man.

Bit confidence to dating

Also, confidence for date with woman is problem. Japanese man doesn’t have confidence. Why?

Sometimes we can meet foreign woman. But we think their defense is strong. We hardly invite them for dating. They seem to be confident. If we invite dating, surely, they reject our suggestion. Thus, we give up invite.

Furthermore, humor is important for date. We cannot speak humor because we are not good for English. Is it possible to make enjoy for foreign woman? No, we give up.


My experience, Japanese man can surely date foreign woman. But opportunities and confidence are little. Foreign woman is a little. Also, we do not have confidence to invite. But if invite, it is not difficult than think.

Foreign woman is sincerely and not never harassing us. They are gentle. It is important to have brave.



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