Japanese tinder app best 3

Did you use tinder in Japan? Unfortunately, it is not better choice. In my opinion, Japanese do not like tinder because it is known by hook up app.

You must use another app if you want to date with Japanese. This article shows useful app instead of tinder. Here we go!

Japanese tinder app 1. pairs


First is pairs. Many honest people use it. Why? Much of then use it for marriage. Woman age is up to 39 years old. If you are high salary, you get many chances to date. Salary is important for marriage.

Japanese tinder app 2. with


with is more honest app. I heard it although I have not to use this app. This is supported by famous person “Daigo”, he is liked by many Japanese. So, this app impression safety. Generally dating app is a little bad impression.

Japanese tinder app 3. tapple


The last one is tapple. Relatively, youth use it. Woman age is up to 25 years old. They do not want to marriage immediately. They hope to just date with another country people. If you want to meet youth, you must use tapple.


In my opinion, best dating app is pairs. Next is with, last one is tapple. My friend met 22 years old girl in tapple, but she is not honest. She got angry for his attitude and she want him to pay dinner fee. Rude! I fear it.

Be more honest, you get more chance. Honest is important for Japanese. Please do not get angry if anything. Take care and relax. I cheer your fight. See you next time. 



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