Not speak English at all for 20years

Hi there. Do you feel communication is difficult to talk with foreigner? I feel often so. It's language problem. I have not spoken English at all for 20 years.

Not speak English at all for 20years

I learned English since junior high school. It is 20 years before. 20 years! Well, it is enough time to master English. Why cannot I use?

By the way, it's not only me. Many Japanese cannot use too. Our learning way may be not correct. Because kids learn language in natural if they use 20 years.

Japanese people like vocabulary, grammar

Japanese people like vocabulary and grammar. I was often taken vocabulary test in junior high school. Furthermore, I am still taken it in TOEIC. TOEIC is listening and reading test. Many Japanese are superior in reading part.

Why Japanese school love vocabulary and grammar? School teacher in Japan cannot speak English. They need only bachelor's degree but not necessary to speak. They can be teacher without speaking ability.

First stage is listening

Recently I used English study app. It is very useful. Because someone help and advise me my confusion.

One day, I shocked learning advice. I practice speaking and writing. But it is not useful to up my skill. Speaking and writing may be second stage for me.

First stage is listening. Repeat to listening many times. Well, many Japanese don't make sense if watch TV. Me? Of course, not understand at all. Reading is also necessary, but it is after listening.


If I can use English, my network is spread. My salary is possible to up. It is necessary to study English with efficiency because I already 40 years old.

Therefore, firstly I listen podcast every day. Well, I cannot understand what they talk. But custom is important. My goal is to talk with foreigner within this year.

See you next time!



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