English tutor in Japan

Japanese want to use English. I sometimes see them with English tutor at café in Japan. What is English tutor? Do you need special skill? How much does English tutor salary?


In Japan, English tutor is famous job (Foreign worker in Japan). Many foreigners work it. You do not need special skill. Necessary is using English.

But good tutor or not is important for Japanese. Tutor quality. Bad tutor can not work full in Japan.

Private English tutor in Japan

If you are to be English tutor in Japan, you refer to the following step.

  1. Looking for student by site. For example, EnjoyLesson, SenseiNavi, fiverr, etc.
  2. Negotiate student for your salary, lesson place, lesson content, etc.
  3. Lesson! Place is often café.
  4. Take fee.

I took lesson about 10times. My case, lesson time is 60minutes. About lesson place, café better than tutor or student home. Home is dangerous. And lesson contents are free conversation or to use material by tutor.

Fee standard is 2,000 ~ 3,000 yen per hours. If you get more, you need to be special. For example, you can teach business English, you have chemical or arts knowledge, you have experience to teach in school, you are native speaker, etc.

Home based English tutor for Japanese

Recently, you can choose online English tutor. Online tutor is possible to get more salary. Student numbers is high potential.

In this case, you will use PayPal to take fee. Notice, online lesson is more competitive. Many rivals are in online. 

Moreover, student often switch teacher in this case. Because online relationship is difficult. Build relationship is important for online lesson.


If you can use English, it is easy to be tutor. But you will need to be good teacher to get many salaries. Easy entry, many rivals are working. This point is important too in the case of to be online tutor.



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