Is it difficult finding friends in Japan?

Hi, there. I work in Tokyo, Japan. Almost all is Japanese, but sometimes I see foreign worker. One day, I had opportunity to drink with him. Unfortunately, I was not to be friend with him…

Japanese want to be friends with them

Many Japanese want to be friend with foreigner. There are some reasons. First, they want to communicate with foreign language. It is simply fun. Second, they want to know other country culture. It is fascinating if foreign culture is not same in Japan.

Japanese is likely to interested in foreign worker. Why does they come from oversea? Why does they want to work in Japan? Many questions for foreign worker.

Foreign worker is not finding friends in office?

But in my experience, it is difficult to be friend with foreign worker. Many case Japanese ask them like above question. But they answer our question with boring. It is not like fun.

I heard foreigner separate between work time and not work time. Private time. Maybe they are not finding friends in office. Coworker and friends are different. They will talk with interesting on holiday activity.

Language gap

And one more reason. Why foreigner is not fun to drink with Japanese. Language problem is strong reason.

Many foreign workers can speak English. Sure, we should talk with English. But Japanese can not speak English. So, communication is difficult. 

Our joke is not fun for them. Their joke is so on. Humor is necessary to get friends. And humor is on communication.

Sometimes, foreigner can speak Japanese. But this case is difficult too. High level Japanese, it can understand joke, is hard to get. Equally, you are easily to friend with Japanese if you can use Japanese as understand joke.


Many Japanese want to be friend with foreigner. But it is difficult. First is foreigner want to separate office time and out of office. Second is language skill is shortage.



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