How to play the music in Japan

You cannot play the music in Japan if you do not know how to start it. I can show you how to start it in Japan!

Where do foreigners play the music?

My hobby is playing drums. Sometimes I play it in band activity, also I play it only myself for practice. Sadly, I do not have drums. I always go to music studio for practice.

In music studio, I notice there are only Japanese. No foreigners are there. Why? I think many foreigners do not know the music studio.

How to start the band activity in Japan

I summarize how to start the band activity. I hope it will help foreigners (want to start the band activity or want to play the music).

  1. Search other part
    • Band activity needs you and other parts. You can find other parts with band activity site. For example, mixi, Facebook, twitter, and oursounds. My recommend is oursounds. It is famous in japan.
    • Notice, it is easy to join the band if you play drums or bass. Because these are a few players. Vocal and guitar part are famous in Japan. It is difficult to join the band, so you will find other part yourself.
  2. Booking music studio
    • You made the band. Next step, you make practice space. In many cases, you will book music studio. If you live near Tokyo, it is easy to book the music studio. Many music studios are near Tokyo. But if you live out of city, it is difficult.
    • Music studio cost is about 2,000 ~3,000 yen/hour. A little expensive. You can save the money if your band member has music studio or practice space.
  3. Band activity
    • In Japan, many beginner bands active 1 practice per month. Decide practice music, practice date, practice studio, and do practice. Some people play in live house or live session with other band.


It is easy to play the music in Japan if you know how to start. Let’s fun!



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