Japanese do not prefer Tinder?

Have you used Tinder in Tokyo? Tinder is a famous dating app. But Japanese prefer other app than Tinder. Why is it?


Tinder is a famous dating app. I think it is simple and useful app. Put your GPS location on and woman appear your screen. Then your job is only swipe. Also, cost is not expensive. You can use free. I have used it before too.

Using tinder in Japan, have you met Japanese?

Have you met Japanese after your Tinder work? In my opinion, it is difficult. Several reasons are there.

For example, language problem. Many Japanese can not communicate in English. Only Japanese communication. You must use google translation every time if you can not use Japanese. It gets to be tired.

Also, Japanese are afraid of foreigner. It is nearly language problem. Japanese fear foreigner because Japanese can not know what thinking foreigner does. And difference lifestyle, culture, consideration, etc. Hard game is.

But most big problem is Tinder app impression. Tinder is free app so that many kinds of people join it. Sometime dangerous person joins too. Many Japanese seem to have this impression. Japanese honest person wants to avoid this problem. So, they do not join Tinder. It means Tinder join people decrease.

Japanese Tinder app

The following is Tinder like app in Japan. You solve above big problem if you use these. You can up more possibility if you can speak Japanese.

  • tapple
  • with
  • pairs

Please remember some app user hope not only date but also to be marriage. And cost is higher than Tinder.


Tinder impression is still not good in Japan. So, many Japanese do not join Tinder. You solve it if you use other Japanese app. These impressions are relatively good.

Tinder started age certification by license in japan this year. I think It is effective. It will be to up impression in future.



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